Giving Grief Meaning

A Method for Transforming Deep Suffering into Healing and Positive Change

By Lily Dulan

Release Date
Format Paperback 224 pages 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN-13 978-1-64250-313-5

A Unique New Therapy Tool for Healing and Self-Discovery

How acronyms and affirmations helped one psychotherapist honor her loved one, cope with grief, and find meaning.

Give grief meaning. After the loss of her daughter, Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) psychotherapist and certified yoga teacher, Lily Dulan, created “The Name Work,” a cross pollination of proven psychological modalities, spiritual healing applications, and ancient yoga. By attaching a special meaning to names, and following breathing and meditative exercises, daily affirmations, and more; Lily is able to move through the grief process in a profound and transformative way.

What’s in a name? Meanings! Whether a deceased loved one’s name or your own, The Name Work method ascribes qualities to individual letters in a name. Through introspection and self-reflection, this acronym helps readers move through the five stages of grief and day-to-day life. A unique, new tool for healing and self-discovery, The Name Work also includes:

  • Affirmations, meditations and practices to perform each day
  • An A-Z dictionary of qualities to help create your unique acronym
  • A first-hand account of the author’s personal healing journey

If you enjoyed books like Finding MeaningIt’s OK That You’re Not OK, or Healing After Loss, then you’ll love reading The Name Work.